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Rocky Horror Auditions

Directed by David Deratzian


Musical Direction by Mindy Rubinlicht Torban


Produced by Arnold Finkel



Audition Dates: 

Open Call:  Sunday May 24 from 2-5 p.m.  

                   Wednesday May 27 from 7 to 10 p.m.


Playcrafters Theatre, 2011 Store Road, Skippack, PA  19474



Audition Requirements: 
Please come prepared to perform a comic monologue and 16-24 bars of a song (see character list for suggestions), and bring with you the written music (in your key). Accompanist will be provided.  Readings from the script.  Costumes are not required nor discouraged.


Be prepared to dance.


Those auditioning for Narrator will perform an improvisational exercise.


Bring resume and headshot. We are not trying to re-create the movie, and will go in different directions. This show ultimately deals with overt sexuality and everyone who auditions needs to be comfortable with this and all it entails. Costuming may at times be minimal (think Fetish-Gothic), and there will be considerable physical contact among the cast.   For this reason, principals must be over 17.  Under 17 will be cast as Supporting or Ensemble only with parental consent.  There will be midnight performances.


Show Dates:  October 30 (8 & midnight), 31 (8 & midnight).  

                       November 6 (8  & midnight), 7 (8 only)

                       November 13 (8  & midnight), 14 (8 only)


Rehearsals will begin in mid-August, and are expected to be held on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Any questions may be sent to the Director


Character Breakdown


We are seeking male actors ranging in playing age from their 20s through 60 and female actors ranging in playing age upward from their 20s as follows: 

Character List (all age ranges are “playing” ages)

Narrator  Good Announcer Voice. Non-singing role.  Ability to riff with the audience is important. Age range 35-60. 

Brad   BariTenor (written top G/Ab) 60s pop style. Audition with either a pop song in that style or a pop/rock musical song. Straight Hero type. Age range 20s.  Spends a good deal of time in his underwear and lingerie. Must be comfortable with same sex physical contact.

Janet    Soprano (Top F)  The most legit voice in the cast. Some light belting. Audition with 2 short contrasting works (no more than 16-24 bars) for this part: An easy pop/rock  and a classic Broadway soprano role. Straight Heroine type. Age range 20s.  Must be very comfortable in little clothing and having close physical contact with other cast members.

Riff Raff   Rock Tenor/Screamer (written top G/Ab)  Audition with something like an Aerosmith or The Who rocker. Not your average handyman. Age range 20+.   The ability to play a shredding electric guitar solo in Time Warp may be taken into account, but is not a requirement.

Magenta   Mezzo (Top C/D)   Rock belter.  Think Joan Jett or Janis Joplin, Ann Wilson or Grace Slick. For these roles any good belting pop/rock song would work. Kinky maid-type. Riff Raff’s sister. Age range 20+. 

Columbia  Mezzo (Top C/D) Rock belter, but looking for a contrast between Magenta and Columbia. Think Joan Jett or Janis Joplin, Ann Wilson or Grace Slick. For these roles any good belting pop/rock song would work.  Tap dances.  Age range 20-30s. 

Dr. Frank N Furter  High Baritone (Top F or G).  Need a full-bodied voice able to do a range of voices. The ability to riff with the audience is important.  Audition with 2 short (no more than 16-24 bars) contrasting works for this part: A traditional pop/rock musical song would work and a classic torch song.  Age range 25-35. 

Eddie  - Gritty Rock Baritone (Top F#) For auditions, any Meatloaf or similar song would be fine, of course. Biker look. Age range 25 - 45. May be double cast with Dr. Scott.  The ability to play the Hot-Patootie solo on Tenor Sax is not required, but will be taken into consideration if you can play it.

Rocky  Tenor  Must be in good shape and comfortable with wearing little clothing. Age range 25-35. 

Dr. Scott  (Talk Singing) May be double cast with Eddie. Will require some makeup/wig work for a younger actor. Age range 45-55. 

Phantoms (SATB Chorus)  Backup singer. Will sing and dance a lot. Easy harmony singing so some choral experience would be helpful. 


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