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Music Preparation, Arrangment and Orchestration Services


Music preparation can mean copying or engraving. What is the difference? Music copyists work to produce parts for an event, such as a concert, and music engravers produce manuscripts for publication. An engraver's work is far more detailed, as they produce the definitive score for a piece of music to strict publisher's standards.  In either case, the arrangements and orchestrations have already been produced.


An arrangement, on the other hand,  is a  reconceptualization of a previously composed work.  It may be different from the original work in its harmonies, phrasing, instrumentation, or  structure.   Arranging differs from orchestration in that orchestration  is limited to the assignment of notes to instruments for performance by an orchestra,  band, or other musical ensemble.   Orchestration is usually done from a sketch or piano score produced by the composer.


 I use both Sibelius and Finale for music notation, producing a clear and accurate score.

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