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Music Copyist and Music Engraver Rates


Score preparation


1-4 staves: $12/page

5-8 staves: $23/page

9-12 staves: $32/page

Each additional line: $2/page

Keyboard, Master Rhythm: $30/page

Addition of orchestral cues: Hourly rate


Cleanup of existing Sibelius or Finale score: Hourly rate

Parts prep from existing score: $6/page or hourly rate

Orchestration from sequencer file:  Hourly rate applies to cleanup, quantization, and export of MIDI

Transcriptions & Arrangements: Hourly rate


Hourly rate: $35/hr


I'm happy to negotiate a  project rate price if that is more convenient.


The prices above are for electronic delivery. Additional fees apply to the printing and binding of physical scores based on the actual third party cost.

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