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David mainly plays a a Music Man 25th Anniversary HSS, a  Michael Kelly Dragonfly Rose Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitar, a 1950's Rubner Double Bass (3/4), and a Precision Bass, , all set up with five strings.  David also plays the G&L L2500 fretless 5 string bass and a Michael Kelly Dragonfly fretless acoustic.  When called upon to play other instruments, David plays a Godin XGLT Electric Guitar, a 1923 Martin Mandolin, a Weber Octave Mandolin/Bouzouki and a Washburn Acoustic Guitar.  The electric basses and guitars are usually run through the Line 6 POD HD, either directly into the mixing desk, or through the Markbass p121 (basses) or a Trace Acoustic amplifier (Guitars/Mandos).   The Acoustic instruments have undersaddle or under-soundboard piezo pickups, and are usually run directly into the sound desk.

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