Jerry McGrier: Albert/Kevin;  Amelia Lang-Wallace:  Francine/Lena;  Michael Covel: Jim/Tom/Kenneth;  Michele Loor-Nicolay: Bev/Kathy;  Greg Kasander: Karl/Steve;  Natalie Merlino: Betsy/Lindsey; Ben Fried:  Russ/Dan

June 2014

Clybourne Park

© 2014-17  by David L. Deratzian


David Deratzian, the Dave in Dave Directs,  Stage Directs or Music  Directs for musical theatre or straight plays, and is also a  double bass player.

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2014 Production of Clybourne Park L to R: Jerry McGrier, Amelia Lang-Wallace, Michael Covel, Michele Loor-Nicolay, Greg Kasander, Natalie Merlino